Upcoming Litters

Thay’re here! Mariah’s litter of 8 is here.  They are 7 weeks today (7/3/2022).  They are cute, and fiesty and irresistible.  Each has his/her own page so more photos can be found there.


13 Responses to Upcoming Litters

  1. Kathleen Sansone says:

    I am interested in adopting a “red” female. Do you have any available? I have been the proud parent of two Aussies in the past. And while I adored them both equally, I found the “red” to have less undercoat, and therefore less shedding. Is there any truth to that?

  2. all4dogs says:

    Hi Kathleen, I am planning a litter but could still be a while. I do have a good friend that has 2 week old pups. She’s very reputable and does a great job rearing pups. Her name is Eva Campbell, evachristina_2000@yahoo.com and you can contact her directly. But for the record, i’m not sure that reds shed less than b/t. I think it depends on genetics, and how much coat they inherit from their parents. sue

  3. Madonna Clayton says:

    I’m so glad to see you’re breeding Terriers again. Although we have two Temora Aussies, our Redwing Jersey Shore Willie will live in our hearts forever. We will never forget the joy he brought to our family. Miss him everyday❤
    Good luck with your new litter.
    Randy and Madonna Clayton

  4. kimberly Crow says:

    Hello, we have a 5 year old Aussie, Grover, who is the absolute joy of our lives and we are looking to get him a brother in the coming months. Are all of the puppies from your upcoming litter spoken for? Thank you,

  5. Ray Haimson says:

    Hi Susan, I would be very interested in a male B&T pup. I know none have been born yet and since both litters are a B&T to a red, you never know, but I thought I’d reach out and get my name on a list for one. I’ll be happy to send you more information now or when appropriate. I’ve done a lot of research about breeds and have settled on Aussies because I’m looking for a spunky dog in the 15-20 lb range that loves to take frequent, long walks, and doesn’t shed. I met several at a dog show in Springfield MA last August, and that sealed the deal. I reached out to all the breeders on the ATCA website last July when we lost our beloved friend Sparky (a beagle). I’m looking for a family friend and have no interest in breeding or showing. We were close to acquiring one last fall, when family issues put everything on hold in that regard. Thankfully, those are in the rear view mirror now so I would be very interested in pursuing this with you. Please let me know. Thank You.

  6. all4dogs says:

    Thanks for your inquiry, Ray. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you would fill out the new owner questionaire on the puppies menu. I do have a number of people on my list but expect that i will have room for you. You sound like a good fit for the breed. My email is all4dogs@aol.com if you have questions for me, or email me and I’ll give you my number and we can talk.

  7. theresa ruark says:

    I am looking for a red female puppy do you have any and whats the price please

  8. Mike Fraser says:

    I am interested in a blue and tan female. Can you refer me to anyone that might have a litter or one coming soon?

    Thank you,

    Mike Fraser
    2845 S. Nova Road
    Pine, CO 80470


  9. all4dogs says:

    I don’t have leads at the moment. I would check the national club website at http://www.australianterrier.org and look under their breeder referral page. There are new listings every month, and I’m sure you’ll find an aussie to join your family.

  10. Verletrice Suggs says:

    I am interested in a 1years old though 5 years old male brown and black

  11. Elaine Strid says:

    I would encourage you to continue checking on the Australian terrier club of America breeder referral page. That page is updated monthly with new listings. I’m sure you will find a new companion there.

  12. Tom Ryan says:

    Just looking to get on a list if you plan on having anymore litters..thanks

  13. all4dogs says:

    Sorry,no plans at this time

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