Puppy Contract

Puppy Contract

Puppy I.D. Number                                                                     Litter Number

Name of Sire                                                                              AKC Reg. Number

Name of Dam                                                                             AKC Reg. Number

Date Whelped                                                                            Amount Paid

Puppy Buyers agrees that said Australian Terrier puppy shall be a pet in his/her home, and shall not be tied, chained or fenced outdoors for extended periods of time, nor shall it be kenneled extensively. Puppy Buyer agrees to provide a safe play/exercise area, fresh food and water, and necessary veterinary care consistent with humane treatment. Puppy Buyer further agrees to participate fully in any information gathering efforts by Breeder and/or the Australian Terrier Club of America, including, but not limited to health surveys and longevity surveys.

Provided the dog is returned to the Breeder, the Breeder agrees to a cash refund under the following conditions:

1) Within 1 year: Refund 100% of purchase price

2) Within 2 years: 75% of purchase price

3) Within 3 years: 50% of purchase price

4) Within 4 years: 25% of purchase price

5) Breeder agrees to reclaim said Australian Terrier without refund any time thereafter should Puppy Buyer be unable to keep the dog and suitable placement not be found. If at any time Puppy Buyers wants to place puppy in another home, Puppy Buyer must first offer puppy to the Breeder for placement.

Breeder agrees to provide an initial vaccination and a Home Again microchip to said Australian terrier, and that it is normal and healthy insofar as can be determined. Breeder further certifies that genetic screening has been done as is necessary for the breed as indicated by  O.F.A. and Patellar Luxation registration of the parents, and additional testing for thyroid function and diabetes screening has been completed as well. Breeder agrees to pay half of any surgery or treatment required to correct any defect or disease considered to be genetically transmitted by a preponderance of veterinary practitioners up to the purchase price of the puppy.

Puppy Buyer understands and agrees that at the time of this sale the puppy is to be a pet quality puppy, and that registration privileges with the American Kennel Club will be on a limited registration basis.

The puppy Buyer agrees to spay/neuter the puppy and will not allow the puppy to breed or be bred for any reason. Should breeding occur, the puppy and all resulting offspring will be returned to the breeder.

The Puppy Buyer agrees to submit A.K.C. registration papers provided by Breeder to the American Kennel Club for registration, and further agrees to register the Home Again microchip with same at Buyer’s expense.

In the event of dispute, the laws of the State of Ohio shall take precedence.

No other warrantees or guarantees, expressed or implied are made under this contract except as stated herein.

Puppy Buyer  Signature                                                       Breeder Signature

__________________________________                 __________________________________


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