Welcome to our home on the web.  We are a small breeder of quality Australian terriers.  Over the last 25 years, we have produced many AKC Champions, National Specialty winners, performance titleholders and champions of the heart.  We are happy to answer questions about what it is like to live with an aussie, and if you decide to make an Australian terrier your next family member we will be happy to assist you in your search for the right puppy.


7 Responses to Home

  1. Mona Kreusch says:

    Hello Australian terrier breeder,
    Our family is looking for an Australian Terrier puppy. If you have some puppies for sale or 12 weeks or older we would be interested. We have raised 5 Silky terriers and would like a bit larger dog. I can be reached at 303-75-6547 or cell: 303-548-9698. Thank you.
    Mona Kreusch

  2. ski says:

    We. Are currently on our 5th Aussie. All rescues except for Tizzie who was a gift as a puppy from a breeder in Portland, Or. Due to our love for Aussies. All but Tizzie (passed 2yrs ago kidney failure, she was 23) became diabetic including our current & Tizzie’s best friend Chipper. Chips age is unknown, we’ve had him since 2005 and a kick in the butt. He was abused in his early life until we came along. Although 4 out of 5 became diabetic. We would not change our love for Aussies. I just hope the big dog show judges would recognize this beautiful dog instead of the prissy ones. Thank for letting me on the soap box. Ski&Sandy&Chips.

  3. all4dogs says:

    Hi Mona, I’m not in Colorado anymore, not sure if that makes a difference. I have shipped and have never had problems with it. I don’t have puppies at the moment, but I know someone in So Carolina that has 2 16 week old pups. I think there’s a male and a female. Let me know if you’d like her contact information.

  4. all4dogs says:

    That’s too bad about the diabetes. It’s a great breed, but we would love for them to be healthy. I’ve been fortunate so far, have only produced a few and am blessed with healthy ones in my household. My eldest is 13 1/2 and looks like she’ll be around for a while.

  5. Catherine says:

    Is diabetes commonly a trait with Aussies?

    I was wondering if you knew of a “reputable ” breeder near Portland, Oregon? I would like to have an older puppy of either color.

    Thank you,

  6. lynn liddle says:

    We have had 2 cairn terriers. We lost our last cairn and are currently looking for an Austrailian Terrier. My husband retired this yr. I am still working and we would have a lot of time with our new Terrier. A puppy would be great but a young adult would be ok please contact me 707-217-5746

  7. jamie mertz says:

    i am looking for a aussie for my wife. there are no breeders in montana. any help would be great. 406-373-5554

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