About Us

I have been a lifelong animal lover, and I grew up showing a miniature poodle in the 4-H obedience program.  From there I graduated to horses, and horses and dogs were constants in my life.

I started in Australian terriers in 1989, when I visited the home of a reputable breeder.  I had never seen an Aussie before that day, but when a tiny puppy made eye contact with me I was smitten.  Teddy came home with me, and eventually became my first champion.

Since then, I have shown and titled dogs in conformation, agility, earthdog and obedience.   Many champions, performance titleholders and champions of the heart have come from the litters I’ve bred.   My life with Aussies has enriched me in countless ways as I’ve traveled the world and made lots of new friends.  So should you decide to share your life with an Aussie, you’ll enjoy the companionship of a special kind of friend, one who will share your heart and hearth, or travel the country with you.  

Currently I live in central Illinois with my husband Jason and our family of dogs and cats.  So if you ever get to Bloomington, stop by and meet us, and our special friends.



4 Responses to About Us

  1. Mona Kreusch says:

    You sound like a very nice and faithful dog Aussie Terrier lover. I love dogs also. We raised 5 Silky terriers and now are looking for an Aussie Terrier pup. We live in Colorado and Tennessee is a little bit far to travel but if you know of any breeders here in Colo. I would be glad to call them. Thanks.

  2. all4dogs says:

    Contact my friend Eva Campbell, evachristina_2000@yahoo.com. She’s in Wyo and has a litter currently. She does a great job rearing puppies and I know she’ll take good care of you as well.

  3. Lisa Swari says:

    Hello! Are all of Mariah’s puppies spoken for? I am in AZ and would love a little Aussie. I currently have a Scottie and three cats.

  4. all4dogs says:

    Hi Lisa, we do have puppies! Ms Mariah had 8 babies Saturday night. If you are interested please fill out the application on either good dog or on my website at http://www.Aussieterrier.com. Mariah’s pictures are there and some
    News videos.

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