Puppy update

For those of you puppy watching on the webcam you’ll have noticed that they puppies are becoming more active when they’re awake.  They crawl farther and faster, and are pushing up on their fronts and rears.  Their eyes will be opening soon.  And if you haven’t been watching them, here’s a handy link to the webcam.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qBXk_kvJ78

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Puppy fix

For those of you for whom the photos I posted weren’t enough, here are a couple more.


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Welcome little ones!

Well they didn’t make it until the 4th of July like they were supposed to.  They decided to make their way into the world last night.  So Ruth is the mother of a litter of 7 (I was off by one in my count, too). They are all blue/tan, like their parents.  There are 4 boys and 3 girls.  They are all healthy and strong.


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The big day approaches!

The whelping box has been set up, and Ruth has given it a lick of approval.  I have been listening to puppy heartbeats for the last week and they sound healthy and strong.  They are moving, shifting into place for their launch into our world.


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Buns in the Oven

We have exciting news on the puppy front.  Ruth has been bred to CH Shadowfax Good Day Hunter.  We believe she is pregnant, puppies will be born on the 3rd-4th of July.   In the mean time, check our Upcoming litters page for more information.


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Leaving the nest

Three more puppies have left us for their forever homes.  They are:

Bondi and Kim Rioux

Rosebud and Bob and Lylia Bascom


and Shawn and Kim Crow


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Flying the Coop

Puppies are leaving home and going to their new families.  The latest to leave are:

Clover, now home with Ray and Karen Nix,

Tulip, home with Cindy Frank and family,

And Taz, traveling to his new home in New York with Ray and Janet Haimson.


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