Puppy update

So, after a rough week (trip to the vet on Thursday last, followed by a trip to Ohio State University veterinary medical center) with little Rocky I think we have turned the corner.  He was having a lot of difficulty eating from the bottle and appeared to have a sinus infection from the milk that was getting into his nose from the cleft so I took him in.  Neither vet wanted to give him antibiotics, so I’ve been trying to find alternative ways to feed him that would help. I think I finally have the solution with Royal Canin Mini Baby Puppy food.  I soaked it in puppy milk and he was able to eat it.  I have an appointment on September 6 with a soft tissue surgeon at OSUVMC to see whether they think he could be a surgical candidate.  So rock on, little Rocky.

The rest of the guys are doing well.  They are sleeping in crate bottoms now and have grown accustomed to their new digs.  The were on the porch for a short time today while I cleaned their pen and enjoyed the experience.  They are stinkin’ cute right now.

The webcam is down since they moved to the garage.  I will see if it is possible to move the webcam and get it running again.

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  1. Heather says:

    Fingers crossed for good outcome 🤞

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