Rocky Update

You’re probably wondering how little Rocky is doing as I haven’t posted on him lately.  Well, he’s doing just great.  He now weighs 1# 6 oz, just an ounce less than his smallest sister.  He’s wiggly and strong, and looks forward to mealtimes, which are now 4 hours apart.  He’s able to go all night without feeding (hooray for sleep!).  Developmentally he’s on par with his siblings, and is playful and cute.

Ruth is spending more time away from them now, and spent her first night last night in her regular bed.  Puppies were fine this morning without her.  This prevents them from trying to climb out of the puppy pen to find a midnight snack and getting stranded.  Soon she’ll have to diet (bad 4  letter word) to lose the baby weight.  *sigh

They will be receiving their first visitor today, and will explore our living room.  I will be watching to see who’s fearless and who’s more reserved as I evaluate their temperaments.  Their personalities are starting to emerge, and it’s fun to see who they will be.

Enjoy this last sleeping puppy shot.  You can compare with earlier pix if you want to see how they’ve grown.


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