Potty training

Those of you watching the webcam (youtube, search Redwing terriers and click the live stream) will have noticed the addition of a new item in the whelping box.  This is a potty turf box, with a pan and turf to give the puppies a designated area for pottying.  I’ve used wood pellets before but this seemed like a cleaner alternative with better footing for the little puppies.  They are 3 weeks old today, and are toddling away from where they sleep to potty, so the perfect time to introduce the box.


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2 Responses to Potty training

  1. Madonna Clayton says:

    Will it work on a three year old male? We got him at 10 months old and are still unsuccessful with his training. He has no medical issues and he pees and poops wherever for no reason.

  2. Sue says:

    You might be successful with clicker training. For background read Don’t shoot the dog by Gary Wilkes and Karen prior, use that as a foundation to reward him for going where you want. Message me on Facebook for more detailed information.

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