Road trip, part I

So today I loaded the puppies up in the Mini for a short road trip.  This is a preliminary to the “real” road trip we’ll be taking toward the end of the week when we drive 6 hours to Mt Vernon, Ky to meet Elaine.  She’ll be taking Poppy(red girl) I think, and helping do final evaluations on them.  They were very good, with only a few minutes of crying and drama.  Incidentally, crated car rides, aside from being much safer than allowing dogs to ride loose, are a great way to encourage quiet in crates.


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Piper 10 weeks


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Mariah 10 weeks


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Ivan 10 weeks


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Obi 10 weeks


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Rocky Update

So today was Rocky’s big day at Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center.  He was thoroughly examined (and hugged a bit too) by staff and surgeons there.  He does not have any other abnormalities related to his cleft, and was pronounced a good candidate for surgery to close the cleft.  He will have to wait until he is between 6 and 9 months old to allow his dentition to develop normally before the surgery.  The surgeon felt there was a high probability for success with Rocky’s surgery.  The after care is rigorous; he won’t be able to put anything in his mouth that might damage the surgery site for a month, but after that he should have a normal life in all respects.  So good news today for our little friend.

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Rocky’s big day.

Tomorrow is Rocky’s big day.  He and I will be making the 3 hour trek to Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center to meet with a soft tissue surgeon.  We will be asking them whether it is possible to close his soft palate cleft, when that surgery could be performed, and whether it is advisable to do so.  He is currently doing very well, eating dry kibble and drinking from a rabbit bottle.  He doesn’t seem to aspirate into his sinus, and is in all other respects a normal puppy (but smarter and cuter, lol). I will report Friday on my discussion with the surgeon.


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